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The Mind is the Treasure of Being alive."

"The mind is the treasure of being alive." This ancient Chinese instruction perhaps reflects the ever-searching nature of our mental stream of consciousness, i.e., our mental representations of the surrounding environment. For the monk, mind is eternity, consciousness the present moment. mental concentration is the basis of meditation, and mental distraction is the path to insight.

When the necessary factors for mental concentration are present, meditation is undertaken. This type of concentration meditation is termed " mindful meditation" or " mindful travel." Toheim's Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas is now the home of Mindfulness meditation retreats. The meditation retreat includes instruction, retraling, hygiene, and meals. The instruction includes teachings and instructions on proper breathing and body movement as they are essential to mindful travel. The focus is on becoming aware of moment-to-moment awareness. Unfortunately, the attendees of the retreat are unable to overcome their normal stimulant cravings.

perate and typical mind-sets of people in the course of daily living. People often fail to attain mental peace and find that trying to control their thoughts and feelings leads to more stress and frustration. Therefore, there is an effort to distance oneself from our normal mental habits and to adopt an attitude of relaxation, enjoying the present moment. Emotional thinking meets with resistance, a barrier that turns into a part of our personality. Only through an attitude of mindful travel can we overcome these resistances and develop the capacity to overcome our normal mind-sets.

Remember, travel to spiritual sites is not about seeing the world in terms of the things you see there, but about seeing the world as something important. You are not a tourist, you are a pilgrim, and you are doing your pilgrimage to the holy places of the world. When you travel to a holy place, you are not a visitor. You are a pilgrim. This new awareness you have reached will not be imprinted on your mental landscape. But the Afterwards, this new awareness helps you see with new eyes the beauty of the world that you live in.

" pilgrim " has a specific meaning in the Sanskrit language. "Pardemaker" has a parallel meaning and it means "raketi." "raketi" means nectar of eternal life. It is also used to mean a place where one participates in religious ceremonies. This "raketi" offers you the opportunity to gain knowledge and awareness of the sacred places.

When you travel to a religious place you call upon its spirit, goddesses, gods, spirits, ancestors,itarians, and monks and nuns. These are the patrons of the place. They see to it that the tourists do not destroy their peace of mind and soul.

Most pilgrims do not respond to this call. They prefer to take their comfort in their families, dear places, and follow spiritual traditions.

People go to various places for various reasons. Some are called " traveler's spots." Other's are " sacred sites." How can you recognize the first category? It certainly helps if you have this Puri crash course dowry.

You will abound in all sorts of puri varieties at the heavenly Ganges. Travelers never forget their Ganges trip. It's the greatest of all pleasures to ride on the bank of the Ganges at the sacred site at Haridwar.

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