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History of Tourism in Valencia

Valencia started its tourism with the construction of port facilities like condors, ships and steamships. This was aimed at providing employment to the local residents and foreign wage earners. The first tourists to come to Valencia were the Portuguese in the year 800 A.D.

Then, the city became a part of the Roman Empire. The city flourished during the period of the Empire and even got the title 'month of ships' indicating the great amount of cargo ships were emptied into the city canal.

In the year 1000, the Moors invaded Valencia and caused a massive destruction of the monuments and buildings. The city was once again rebuilt and this time it was while the country was in the middle of a World War I. The city was once again used as a stronghold and a precautionary measure. After the war, the new King created a commission to survey the city and report its condition.

Luckily, the commission has delivered a report stating that the city is in decent condition with no serious problems. Also, it has mentioned the most important buildings in the center of the city. These include Valencia Castle and the Cathedral of Valencia which is a spectacular beauty.

The construction period of Valencia Castle started in the year 1377 and the construction work lasted for over a century. The castle is mainly enhanced with the classical influences and styles. There are many beautiful arches, tunnels and tombs to enjoy. Today, the Castle is used as the residence for the Valencianaries police department. One of the most impressive features of the Castle is the Grape Escape. If you come across it, then you are also lucky and you have guessed the right place!

The Cathedral of Valencia is the third largest in the whole Valencia region and one of the most popular destinations in the city. This Valencia Cathedral is a piece of art itself. There are areas where different shade trees are planted, unusual architecture and mosaic tiles all complement and nicely, decorating this Valencia building.

Well, now that you know all the places of interest of Valencia, here is the list of the places I would suggest you go to:

The Palace of the Marquis de Dos Aguas

This Palace was built by the Arabs and designed by the Arabs. Let it be known that the design of the Palace was actually influenced by the Chilean Andes. If you want to take a photo of this unique building, do not forget to go there in the evening when it gets really colorful. The lights on the building are very impressive. You can count yourself that there are around 15,000 windows! The structure of the palace is actually a series of palaces. Each individual palace is designed and built by a different architect. The northern palace, La Almoina, is built in the Andalusian style, while the southern palace – or the Alcazaba – is designed in thesemblian style. The best time to visit Valencia is between June and October when the weather is relatively dry and hot.

Las Arenas

This neighborhood is located near the Plaça de las Arenas where you can find a great variety of arts and crafts. Here you can buy leather goods, wooden toys, silver work and souvenirs. Valencia also has one of the best Chinatowns in the whole Spain. This is a entertainment paradise for foreign tourists.

El Rastro

Theitors de los Rastro are a local street of Valencia, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Its construction started in the 13th century and it is still an amazing neighborhood in Valencia. When you walk along the El Rastro, you will be overwhelmed with romance. This is definitely a place to visit if you are traveling to Valencia during June, when the Visigothic procession is in full swing.

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