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visit the Jaco Rock Museum!

the Jacó Rock Museum or jaco art as its referred to in the online guide books is a 37 hectare area situated in the northern district of Sintra, and is managed by the City of Jacó. The museum was founded in the year 1936 and is home to thousands of drawings and paintings dating from the time of the Portuguese voyages and settlements in Jacó which took place in the 15th century.

The museum is considered a national monument and is visited by several thousands of tourists a year. The history of the Jacó Rock Museum is interesting as it shows that the rock art was created by the Amerindians and the first signs of cultural development were discovered. The Portuguese found plenty of spices on their journeys which resulted in a great deal of botany and a lot of flora and fauna.

The Portuguese were the first to settle in this part of the country and found a rich flora and fauna which resulted in a diversified flora. There are a great range of activities for all sorts of people to do here ranging from trekking to snorkeling and scuba diving. The coastline on the north and west are all lined with resorts and beaches and this is the place where most of the action happens.

In the Jacó district we find the best beaches. The best of all Jacó beaches have air-conditioned parking lots which is centrally heated and has a playground. And special shoes are often provided for children. The best beaches are found offshore because of a reef in the area. If you visit San Cibao beach you will also find a lot of shops to buy your souvenirs.

As most tourist destinations we find a multitude of pubs, discos restaurants and bars. Being a surfers paradise it is a great place to wind down and relax all day long. All water sports are readily available.

If you are travelling with surf boards and need a beach to stay I recommend San Pedrito. Surfing lovers find a safe haven here. In the evenings there is a choice of bars and restaurants with a lot of local cuisine.

Further along the coast the beach turns in to the Playa de Cabanyal, which is a sort of protected reef area, which is a great place for those who seek an active holiday. This is the place for the dedicated.

Up north is another avid sun worshipper, Machico. There is a 8km beach with inviting water breaks for experienced surfers. On top of the waves you may also find the ruins of an old lighthouse.

Machu Picchu has been called the crown jewel of the Andes. The valley of the Urubamba river begins here and runs to a broad valley, which is enclosed by high cliffs. Here you will find trees, cliffs, and ruins. The total length of the valley is about 130 km.

The remarkable section of the Urubamba river bank with its endemic flora and fauna begins at the valley of Uruapan and winds through the valley of Mahakuri.Amongst the vegetation is a diversity of orchids and wild origins.

If you happen to come to this peak then you must not miss going up to the top of the peak called involves a lot of climbing. Much of the trail is technical. Reaching the top of the peak takes about 6 hours and offers some marvelous views of the region.

Hopefully you have a comfortable stay in the hotel in Iquitos. You can see Andean birds such as Andean Cock-of-the-rock built very delicately to balance a flight of stairs.

But if you come alone there are guides that offer a lot of services.

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