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Why the Holidays Matter

Christmas can be a circus, Easter can be a festival and the many school holidays can have you feeling like there's hardly anyone around. All these year-round destinations offer plenty of holiday circus fans to indulge in, as well as plenty of weather for you to enjoy. Here are 10 suggestions to make the holidays matter, whatever your preference.

Cruiseaii- maybe your idea of pampering is lying on a beach, or perhaps you're more the indoor type. Well, then there's the holiday villa where you can sunbathe (or even more) on your own private beach while dining on fresh caught seafood. With a studio apartment, two pools, spa, and two restaurants, you'll find yourself in luxury where even a drop of champagne is luxurious!

Egypt- the only thing between the pyramids and the Sphinx is sand, and that's where you'll be spending your holiday. With beaches curving through the landscape and a myriad of history sites to uncover, you'll find yourself wanting to hop on a boat and really get into it.

Tuscany- a combination of rolling hills and vineyards; the hills are dotted with abbe's houses set amongst pines and cypresses, turning the area into a picturesque filming location. Many of the towns along the way have excellent shopping and restaurants to match, so it's not hard to enjoy a delicious meal among friends or alone.

Florida- fun for everyone if you stay in one of the Florida holiday villas. Rather than flying to a resort, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday on land and sea. Visit attractions such as Universal Studios and Kennedy Space Center. Or take advantage of the sunshine and go swimming with dolphins in the local waters. You can even go golfing or fishing, although Florida is mostly known for its hotel scene, but there are also many courses in the area.

Greece- Corfu is a popular destination in Greece, especially among North American and European travelers. There is always something fascinating going on – whether it's the food, the history, the people, or the sea. If you always wanted to visit one of the islands, either the Cyclades or the Dodecanese, you're off to a good place. The Cyclades islands are well worth visiting:Beautiful beaches and sparkling seas, mountains and quaint villages, terrific shopping and dining, a variety of nightlife and daytime activities – it's all here. The island of Santorini has many historic sites to visit, including the ancient city of Thira. If you choose a larger island, Ithaca will be an exciting place to visit. The island of Naousa is often seen in photographs.

Greece is made up of many islands, including Paros, Santorini, Mykonos, Tinos, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Samosir Island, Naxos, Paros, Achaia and a number of others.Choosing a holiday venue in Greece is not necessarily about which island you want to visit, but rather a matter of what you wish to experience while you're there. You can visit several islands – and enjoy many different aspects of their cultures – before you arrive at your final destination.

Whether you like beaches, history, culture or a little of both, Greece has a lot to offer. It's also important to know what to expect from the holiday destination of your choice. With its blend of ancient history, fascinating culture and stunning landscape, you'll find that it will blend with your needs just as much as it will fit your needs perfectly.

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