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Roll the EyesRetreat Spa Spa

If you are one of those people who live in a tropical climate with very little time for practicing yoga, meditation, or even good old fashioned housewares, the idea of combining your spa treatments may sound a little crazy. However, the idea of having your body moved around a bit in order to release various stress elements is not only possible, but it is actually very attainable. The Roll the Eyes Retreat Spa is a spa event resort located in Gold Coast, Australia. When you get there you will be greeted by the beautiful offerings of the tranquil natural surroundings. All week long the Spa has offered a total of ANDY MACDONnell who is a gifted writer, comedienne and actor. Andy's wife Linda is the founder and director of the Retreat and she does incredible work. You will discover that ANDY MACDONnell is one of the most gifted and talented people you will ever meet. The celebrities that are seen coming out of the woodworks are there to get some rest and regroup before heading on-line toches up for their next event. Besides the celebrity guest list, you will also find 825 working members from the general public who have signed up to learn with the celebrity hosts. Safari resorts usually offer an extensive individual work-in program. The work-ins are modeled after programs that are found in some of the upscale resorts on the west coast. They are modeled as a Transition Period from college or university where you transition from Kwame's school to adulthood. This allows you to really get to the heart of your potential as an individual. Transition periods are known to enhance personal development and help you become a better person. It is an interesting theory that leads to new perspectives, greater self awareness, greater creativity and a whole new perspective on the world. Among other things, a Transitions stay may help you become your own boss and set your own direction. The Tropical resort of Roll the Eyes costs $2000 to $4000 for an individual stay. The individual package is extremely attractive and the family package that includes all of the kids is just $2000 for an individual stay and a family package. If you stay for 2 nights, you will experience the luxurious and relax your senses for 2 nights. If you decide to stay for 5 nights, you will experience the deeper relaxation of a 5th night stay. While you are relaxing and traveling you may have a time of your life at the lagoon. Go swimming, dive or snorkel with the Sea Lions. See the friendly dolphins visit your boat. View the magical tropical sunsets and humid ocean air. You can swim with the dolphins, dive, snorkel or enjoy a relaxing sunbathing session. You will return to civilization on boats where you can meet friends, take a dip and relax on the white sandy beaches of Australia. The good beaches along the way are refreshingly beautiful and you will rekindle your passion for the ocean. You can have someone else experience with you. The luxurious Sea World is located nearby and well worth the price and time. You will stay on the Piers Hawkes beachfront which gives you a fabulous view of the world class stingrays and a chance to experience a swim with these majestic sea creatures. We hope you choose Roll the Eyes for your next beach vacation. If you haven't experienced this part of Queensland, you should know you should be there.

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