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Hello from Montreal – A Delicious Outside Lunch at the Cafe du Chateau, a Major Thunderstorm

Well, as much as the walking tour through Old Montreal nourished my senses and exploration of the city seduced my heart, one of the best parts of my trip to Montreal was the absolutely delightful dinner I enjoyed at the Cafe du Chateau.

My husband and I decided to take a walk through Old Montreal today, and since the walk would take me through the narrow streets and corridors that Hermanville is famous for, I thought it was about time to see what Montreal has to offer. The streets were alive with hustle and bustle, even though it was extra-late for the stroll, so my husband and I decided to use the time either for a nice walk or to pick up a little souvenir for my friends at the Louise Bellerie.

I had a bit of a run in with a rather large black bird, who naturally dropped down to the ground from the top of the wall of the Café du Chateau and made a couple of rustling nests as he readied himself to launch further charges at my soft cover.

I wandered into a small shop that sold leather belts and purses, amongst other baubles, and was alarmed to see purses priced up to $2000.00. I discounted my $50.00 riding style by the inch, and found one that would probably cost $3500.00 had it been made of cowhide, instead of buckskin.

A caféeur friend of my husband's, Willem, had linked me up with one of his Catering Expeditions colleagues, and we had a chance to spend a little time together, exchanging stories since both of us are designers. Willem is a painter and designer as well, and regularly tours collectors and workshoppers in and around Montreal.

He told me that as a painter he travels the world looking for the right light colors to complement the subjects he is working on. He mentioned that the Orient was a good place to pick up colors, as the colours are deeper, adding a depth to everything that is usually true of his work.

He mentioned that in his experience, friends or influences can have the biggest impact on his paintings, and that his style definitely has a Mediterranean feel to it. He mentioned that he feels at home in Montreal, in part because he integrated so well with the local residents and Montreal's history.

He further explained that he would feel more comfortable staying in a hotel during his next visit, and that's a feeling that has been difficult to get as a designer. He added that the hospitality industry is definitely ripe for growth and that he has nothing but the best things to say about the people who work in hotels.

With a background in both graphic and web design, Willem has several hospitality-related awards to his credit, including a bestribute in the 1995 edition of the Quebec Geheim Classic Arts & Design Award. He also has a well-known expertise with print-on- Demand magazines and his work has been published in Condé Nast Traveler, the American Travel Channel, and Electronic Arts.

Just outside of the Hotel Dieu, Willem organised a nice little event for his guests: a Babilonia seminar on water-based projects, inspired by Babilonia's coastal land in the St. Lawrence Gap area. On the plane back from Geneva I played a little champ-and-pan with Willem, Trying to get him to open up a little more about his background as a painter.

That night, 6 pm, Dutch DeCourcy French literature experts, participated in a discussion about "The Cult of the Celebrity" and its dangers.

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