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Ten Essential Things to Do When You Visit Mozambique

Mozambique is a country struggling to recover from decades of war and poverty. Sadly, the once ideal country of Mozambique is falling very fast. Time seems to have stood leaving the country with little or no significant development. But don't worry…your trip to Mozambique is more than worthy of your time and hopes.

1.) Bazaruto Archipelago

Located some 30 kilometers off the coast from Vilanculos, this group of four islands is in the middle of a national park established in 1971. It is an excellent spot with excellent reefs, clear blue waters and white sand. Tourists can stay in accommodation and dive the dive sites during their stay in this area.

2.) Inhambane

Reached by a short flight from Cape Town, Inhambane is the capital area of Mozambique. It seems to have little or no commercial tourism presence, but this suits the locals just fine as they want to keep the area untouched. It is a safe area to visit and a wonderful place to find natural beauty.

3.) Vilanculos

This town serves as the scattering point for the ferry between the Bazaruto and the Mozambican mainland. It is a pollution free area where you can find a wide variety of tropical plants and animals. As usual, Vilankulo and the surrounding areas are very wild and rugged.

4.) Inhaca Island

Reached by a ferry from Vilanculos, Inhaca is an uninhabited island situated very near the Indian Ocean. Again, this is an excellent tourist destination to observe marine life and also try the local delicacy of cocoa. Tourists can also swim with the dolphins in Likoni or just enjoy the wonderland of coral reefs.

5.) Maputo

The capital of Mozambique, formerly known as Lourenco Marques and Delagoa Bay is a fascinating place to visit. Take a bath in Mac Philips Bay, visit the wharves in Waterberg to see local craftsmen fashion the area's boats and barges. Climb Tembe cliff to get an excellent view of the city.

6.) Inhaca Island

This is the perfect place if you want to stay at if you are doing a diving trip to look for wrecks. The marine life is abundant in this area thanks to the efforts of the marine biologists at the University of Mauritius and also the internationaldding of divers and masseurs that frequent the area. You can also swim with them at the Franciscan Well.

7.) Maputo Elephant Reserve

This is a great place to be with a family as they can enjoy the wildlife in natural surrounds as they were originally meant to do. You can also see the pride of lions here.

8.) Vieux Fort

One of the more historical areas of this city, Vieux Fort was originally meant to be where the British Navalukes spent their vacation in the late 1700s. Now, it is a historical building intended for tourists to tour. You will also see here the British cannons that were originallyired here.

9.) Vis missus

If you are looking for something that is more romantic, then try Vis Maitre, a shop known only for Sunday shopping. It is said that the shop was opened just in time for the Queen Mother's 80th birthday. It contains many paintings and jewelries with feminine aesthetics.

10.) Mauritius National Gallery

This gallery has a magnificent collection of paintings from the Renaissance period and also from the French West Indies. Whenever there is a festival going on, you can always enjoy a Perrier water pipe outside the gallery.

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