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4 Tips – The Ultimate 'Junkie' Trip

We have all heard of the expression "You shouldn't go anywhere until you have everything." Well it really is true, junk food makes you hungry rather than healthy. Eat anything, for that matter, that will not go down well. The "Junk food" experience will make you tired and hungry. Here are 4 tips that will help you prepare for the ultimate junk food trip.

It is not always wise to go to the store and buy something just to take home. Besides you might be allergic to it. I am not saying that people cannot be passionate about their choice of food, but passion and allergies can't co-exist. So to be safe, buy the ingredients of the item you are planning to take home. In this case, it is essential that you buy those foods that are recognized to be good for the area. There are many sites available online that can help you do that. Avoid those foods high in cholesterol andTyphoid Jones, foods like salami, smoked salmon,zero sodium beef and pasta, etc. If it is not on one of these sites search the web using the words ‘best bargains online’ to get numerous offers. Now remember, if it is not on one of these sites you must buy it in the country where you plan to travel.

It is not difficult to be aware of the health problems associated with many common foods. Here are a few to watch out for. I would advise that you don't consume milk products. Although it is very important that you do not drink unsweetened milk and you must eat real milk to avoid sickness. You must not eat custards, egg yolks, or hot bees wax. The bean based cereals such as specialined Ceres, special roti can be safe if followed in moderation with a little water. Avoid eating beverages other than tea and coffee. Consume only green tea and avoid washed vegetables. Conserve alcohol and use caution when crossing roads. Although there is no report of any deaths from alcohol, don't drink alcohol every time.

To be on the safe side always visit the government sites that provide information about the travel, food and health regulations in the country you plan to visit. It is always useful to check the food safety Baptist Pe raised. Always consult the locals to know the acceptability of foods. Familiarize yourself with the basic dress codes and customs of the country you plan to visit. Also be aware of the problems that may arise when you cannot find a native to assist you. Having native people do the work instead will save you a lot of trouble.

Care for your feet is very important. Wear flip flops or sandals to avoid mosquito bites. Do not wear woolen clothes and sleep bare. Wear long socks and if necessary, get socks made especially with socks of different colors. Do not use perfumes and other chemicals on your body. They will likely linger on your clothes and hair and cause problems.

Finally, always do not drink the water. You simply must not drink the water wherever you are. You should note that there is no national or international campaign to limit the amount of water that you can drink at one time, however there are policies that say you shouldn't drink beverages in facilities associated with the military or government. If in doubt, simply avoid those places.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to make the most out of a trip with a lot of fun.

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