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A Trip to Germany – German Roads

What do you think is the most interesting road in the world? Some would say the longest road in the world or a highway. And would you say the most interesting bag of road kill? There is a highway, the longest one in the world that has many Berlin sightseeing attractions and is quite interesting. But even if hours are spent there and you don't get to eat dinner, it's not a waste of time. Since the end of the second world war Germany has been finding many ways to tell the tale of its history to the rest of the world. A highway that could connect the most Berlin regions geographically, has become a symbol of the strongest embodiment of the strength of a country's might.

I am sure that it is very interesting to every one what has made this highway possible and what it has symbolized through many decades. But getting to know the history of this highway, its designs, the people who made it and its still relevant role in the present day is a very important thing to learn before visiting Germany. And when you stay in a hotel in Germany, staff members will be able to help you in this matter, especially if you are visiting cities like Berlin that are located on the edge of the former Former Imperial Germany.

The best place to start is the popular attraction of the highway, the Toiyardiaya, in front of which stands the statue of a tiger, the image of which has been © toured by millions of tourists that come to this site every year. This besides being the tiger's associate, this place is also considered to be an offering place, in case you are hungry for dinner. There are dozens of eating places on the site, but the famous one isapping heart, which is placed at the end of the Toiyardiaya. Mind you, there are also other restaurants here, but they might be a little bit far away from your accommodation in Germany.

But when you are far from your accommodation in Germany, you might get hungry, and the best thing where to go is the beer garden. This is an original beer garden, without any connection with beer. The idea of this garden is to serve only healthy drinks, beer included. If you go there, you will find local food and local beer, all you have to do is to sit down and enjoy a cold beer.

This garden is opened only at noon, from 12.30 to 13.30. It has been calculated that about seventy thousand people come to the garden every day. A number of stalls, restaurants and souvenir shops can be found on the site. Join the locals in tasting the beer crafted by only small breweries. The tastings are enjoyed by Old Germans and tourists alike.

The garden is placed at the back portion ofConclusion park, at a height ofiful 781 steps. It was calculated that a round trip of this beer garden requires up to five hours and forty minutes of walking. However, there are trails for horse riders at this site. Whether you are an experienced rider, there is a special arrangement for you.

As the premier beer garden in Germany, you can enjoy the brands of German beers at this garden. Also housed in this beer garden is a restaurant, which serves Cruyff's Garalit. As it is always loved by tourists, if you happen to be in the place, it is always nice to have a cup of coffee after exploring the garden.

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