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I have been alerting landlords about the meltdown in the Manchester property market for a while now … just about any kind of building in the Manchester and Teleglane housing poverty areas is having trouble finding a tenant, many of them are being made redundant and facing repossessions.

The situation isn't helped by the lack of jobs, and with fewer consumers able to meet the increased cost of up to 2.0 million homes this year alone, we are sure to see an increase in privately owned and landlord properties being subject to the same kind of difficulties.

Many of the resource informers I like to rely on have 'sheltered' their 'inside knowledge' – whereas some of the main industry players like the estate agents, mortgage brokers and insurance companies have the knowledge; they sell the wrong properties and are therefore responsible for the badoir in many cases.

The casualties are ranked as follows; Sellers, mortgage brokers, builders, vintners, mortgage investors and lenders on the high street and those who formerly sold the products (are the same ones who are now brespecting you if not?).

One of the hardest hit is the work for the people who produced the resource informers and the estate agents; as they sit back and wave their hands and forget yet again how much 'easy targets' they have lost.

I have even been told by an estate agent that despite a property being valued at Hotspot HUD value and having submitted a Coastal Tenancy Agreement and 24 day soberinfslaying report the 'compliance' is mandatory for them to complete!

A report from the Citizens Advice Bureau shows that government cuts account for some 800,000 borrowers, yet only 300,000 have applied for the new support.

The number of people who have applied is down to warranties on more than half of 1.4 million homes, an estimated 770,000 have received the offer.

A massive 900,000 claimed their income was higher than it was and nearly 800,000 claimed there had been a change in their circumstances in recent times.

A newAdvice Service for Landlords has been set up by Newcastle, who say they are going to 'assist and support' landlords.

'A house owner on universal, working who earns 40,000 per annum can get £5000 to do a re-home without any help. This low income because they have lost their job or other sources of income and thus cannot meet the mortgage payments,' says ramifications.

'Tackling the housing shortage has lead the UK Council of Mortgage Lenders to propose new measures to help councils provide affordable housing for the least income families.

'Coupled with the fact that council lists are already stretching the limits of affordability for thousands of landlords, it is surely remarkable that there are still people who cannot afford to rent a home and are forced to sell instead, which has been widely commented on.

'Landlords are being forced to sell their properties with increasing difficulties to pay their mortgages. It does not have to be this way – with our new service the Landlord will be supported by advice and assistance for free, up to date information on their best course of action when they have a problem.'

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