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The World's Fastest Growing private

Qualities of the World's fastest growing club:

From its modest beginnings in 1998, with ninety days to launch, Wainews is estimated to be a billion dollar a year business opportunity.

From humble beginnings as a lonely village in the Low Countries, located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, Wainews has now become one of the world's top 10 fastest growing private real estate development companies, attracting more than 82,000 new visitors a year to its gleaming new development in an economically stable and growing market.

Today over 450 developments, including hotel, golf, residential, office, retail, medical and industrial property, are booming within a 90 minute drive.

The next phase of Wainew bush tourism, the Grand Trunk, is already under way, with the cranes of many of the new projects already visible from international Rio.

Wainew has a simple yet consistent business model and the company is committed to delivering on time, as with hospitality and PR, and with integrity, honesty, integrity and excellent customer service.

The company is committed to provide a wide range of real estate programs from luxurious golf and country club properties, up to the more affordable holiday villa formats.

Wainew is also committed to giving integrity, honesty, integrity and excellent customer service to all of our guests and clients, at every step of their buying or renting process.

The company is proud to have won the respected British Best Newcomer award for four consecutive years. This award, along with the international Beachawake award for six years, demonstrates an award winning company culture.

Wish you and your family or partner entry to Wainew? Then the categories of Commercial, Private Mutation Challessed Che Ti and High Income Vending Clubs are specifically designed to streamline your property procurement process – along with a property management service at an affordable rate!

The Residential Club Wainew offers a private, gated residential club with excellent facilities and amenities. The Independent Hotel and Nob Hill Resort Rich School allows you to become educated about the resort and the industry.

For those looking for a unique phony in the lowlands, the premiere private island club Wai-Wai is your answer. Located midway between the alerted and less often visited Jacques March and boutiques of Tallerense, Wai-Wai represents an investment in you and the qualities of this laid back island paradise.

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