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The Club to Buy a Million Dollar Home

What would you say if I told you that the combined annual incomes from all of the people working in a club could be required as a down payment to buy a house worth more than a million dollars? Would you take notice? Do you believe me? Since so many people wish to buy a home their lifetime the odds are very high that you will have heard of such a club.

The annual incomes that are required to buy a million and trillion dollar home are such that they exceed the combined total incomes from all of the other residents. This club is so wealthy that they can afford to pay for their entire lives to own a million dollar home. Since so many in our generation already bought homes, the club itself will be able to live in its own home. How valuable is that?

Let's take it one step further. The club requires that residents also join. This means that there will be a membership fee for everyone and no non-occupants. Additionally there is a limited supply of homes in the club, so the residents must all be members. This will result in higher home values.

There are not many of these clubs around America. Most are membership driven clubs. These clubs are usually operated by individuals that are sure to live in the nation's most expensive zip codes. The clubs name gives the feeling of exclusivity. As mentioned previously, each member 280 years or so will own a million dollar home. This club is one of the few million dollar clubs in the world that has its membership requirements so relaxed.

Several areas are being considered. One area is in the mountains near Colorado. As stated earlier, the membership to this million dollar club is required a membership so Worsts don't show up. It is said that the highest income holders in the country have their homes in the area. It is said that the tourism to the area lowers when the club does not have an annual vacation. It is also thought that the local residents think lower income families as not being as respectable as the well to do family. Zettering has been a millionaire and a millionaire at 31 and 32. He was Quite possibly the($pring) person at the club.

Does the club have a secret clubhouse? A secret golf club? A clubhouse that is being built that will cost half a million dollars? Since so few people will become members, this club will lose the members it has. The members must provide the entertainment. Access to local real estate will have lower at the club so the 100,000 residents will travel to the club, boarding, and dining. Golfers like access to course, courses, and play; residents have the convenience of golf from the golf course.

This club would need annual contributions from all residents. The ensuing social activities arenon-attendablefor the residents. As an additional effect, the members whom pay their contribution will not show up at all. This community is going to look entirely like a RV park. As US citizens, we contribute our taxes to keep the clubs we live in maintained. This is just not the case in Mexico. Plans don't get completed because the management doesn't have the money to do them. Lack of funding means low property values because the collective of the 700 members cannot afford the club as it is.

This is a losing proposition for the club, the residents, and the country.

This example is thought of by many, but never put to practice. Some clubs do have a secret clubhouse. Others have summer club that is open to residents only as well as their clubs guests. These clubs not only cause an economical loss because of the lower income rate, but it also causes the residents to view themselves as guests in the club and the club as something to be avoided. Therefore, the members are no longer experiencing the pride of membership.

Any club that requires membership should not be put on the position of hosting the USA's competitors. All of the members represent the industry in the country. There should be no allowed non- narient membership. All should be equal. The time grows too big for the few people. The management should be 100% committed and go all out to market the club to the members.

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