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Wainesses Canyon

The Wainews Club, established in January 2009, is a luxury golf community situated in the picturesque mountains of West Vancouver. The community was designed to be inspired by the beautiful Wainesses Canyon, as it was the site of one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Canada, charging into the course before the sponsor's achievement of the anniversary ensured a world-class course was set.

In keeping with the name of the club, each course in the Wain honoured has been given an eclectic mix of tee placements to ensure the course is challenging and enjoyable for all. With 13 holes and 180 yards of play, the golf club offers an extensive opportunity for golfers to take part in championship play.

The proximity of Wainess to both the city and the airport is another exceptional attribute of the development. Wainess is set slightly from Lake City, with easy access via the North Shore Mountains to both the city and the airport. With the completion of the expressway, the drive to the airport has been shortened significantly and only a two minute drive is required by most residents of the luxury golf community. This short commute allows residents to enjoy the many amenities of a top tier course without having to drive long distances to enjoy them.

One of the most impressive aspects of the community was its aesthetic design. The grounds, designed with an eye towards the environment, include a series of walking trail upgrades to help enhance the natural setting. The upgrades were completed within the year in order to preserve the natural surrounding of the club. Water features such as a Modocaksa Lake and the North Shore Mountains ensure that the natural surrounding is maintained to ensure that the course has the same feel as it does in Western Australia.

The natural setting allows the course to be played on a natural rolling terrain. This means that the players can move at their own pace through the many trees andbrush which support a fun adventure all the way through today's open spaces. The trees are set at such a height the rolling slope becomes enjoyable.

And if you enjoy swimming, then there are several dry land swimming facilities within the club's boundaries. The club has a fantastic swimming facility, which is open to guests only. Residents of the Wainesses Canyons & Wainesses Plantation can enjoy relaxing in the exclusive privileges of a private swimming facility on the grounds of The spa – The Spa Spa at Wainess Golf Club.

There are numerous first class restaurants within walking distance of the club, as well as a variety of other restaurants and cafes that serve a variety of meals. The Wainess is filled with a localLouisville tried and tested eateries. This has led to the club managing to retain much of its village atmosphere and retain a high standard of food and service.

The homes in Wainess are luxurious in both their style and that of their price. New homebuilders of UK's top luxury new golf communities have taken up residence at Wainess, many of which are design sheds, master plannedchens, or estate solutions.

In a nutshell – a coastal community within prime of western arid and semi-arid conditions, whereEnjoy a world class golf and country club lifestyle in walking distance of a golf course and river.

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