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The Wainews Club is a luxury condominium built and developed by Windstrong Homes, maintaining a true family friendly environment, with plenty of opportunities for indoor activity. If you need a condominium that you can instantly get a sense of adventure and a community that will replace the word "community" for you, check out the Wainews Club for your luxury condo dream home. This 12-story condominium project is located on a delightful 9th floor accessible to a myriad of parks and leisure facilities throughout the city, including Marbl Piano Park, West Economic Center Brickell, and the ever so lovely landscaped testimonies Brickell Park. Couple that with the beautiful tropical atmosphere, with the excellent floor plan, and a brand new building with every luxury amenities you could possible want, and you have a property to enjoy for years to come.

With one of the highest ceilings in the WOA district, the Wainews Club will provide your family or you personally a place where you could simply kick back, by bringing you a state of mind and a relaxing state of mind by optional set backs from the entry foyer who have a delightful 83' wide grand piano worth of over $9 million, to the gorgeous tropical landscape by architect, Renzo Piano and his terra firm, which includes 450 species of plant and representing more than 500 species. Renzo Piano has designed more homes than anyone else in Florida, and is synonymous with beautiful interior designing through out the world. Which is why he has been rewarded with a warm reputation.

Wouldn't you simply love to own your own place in the sun, but feel like you are still on the starting line of your active lifestyle? Wainews Club is at a distance of Midtown Miami and can be reached in 20 minutes or less by either Midtown Road or FI Deptford Road depending on traffic.

With only five floors.

Only five floors of living space.

Only five…

Some would say a small condo will not be able to offer you the comfort and luxury of having a beautiful outdoor surrounding you can relax and spend time in, but the demand for these connections is so strong, that this penthouse suite in the WOA district will surely exceed your expectations. Located on the Intracoastal Waterway, in the Prime mainland, the developer and developer of this luxury condo took into account where the most important piers and high-end restaurants of the city are, wading pools, state of the art fitness clubs, and private screening rooms. The waterway gives these luxury condo living units the ability to provide a place for residents to exercise and work at their own pace in the comfort of their own backyards.

Only five floors of living space.

Only five…

This luxury condo unit offers residents as their own mini estate, only five floors are available, but potential buyers will be able to access other outdoor recreation areas that they are only able to find on other scenarios. The view from floor five is breathtaking, and the surrounding waterway and natural landscape is a sight to behold. This penthouse suite sits gracefully on the 11th floor with an exquisite view of the city. Private tennis courts, exercise rooms, and coffee shops will keep residents in shape.

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