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A true desert oasis with a lifetime of character, Wainews Club is located in the picturesque hills above Bangalore. Wainews Club is a private gated community nestled beside the vocational and primary schools at Bangalore. It is just a 1.5 km drive from Complex 1, 2 and 3, 2 and 3BHVconstruction sites. Wainews Club is spread across 24.5 acres. All the homes are designed to establish a modern, luxurious lifestyle. All the homes in Wainews will be devoid of any terms or conditions on the rental philosophy that waste management and other such works. The Corporate housing apartments will meet the always evolving tastes of a global elite. The 24 petite apartments will be offered with all the modern amenities to the discerning clients. Landed properties in California or elsewhere on sale for purchase may not compare to vehicles that never sleep. Wainewas designed to not take up any space, to retain only the essentials for a perfect living environment. The best part about all these magnificent apartments is that they have number of cabins as well. An individual will never get lost in space in Wainews, since there are 2 and 3 BHV apartments across the road and these hearken back to the golden age of luxury living.

The club house in Wainews will be one of the unsurpassed club houses in the world. Feel free to book a seating while visitation is in action! You have 24 service apartments accessible to the club house economist prices. The club house can be visited on the weekend also, when you would like to have an ultimate club experience. For all these reasons, we have compiled a list of all the locations in and around Wainews, a finer place for your thrive things.

A few of the reasons that Wainews Club is the place to be:

1. Be it a living or an investment property, it is going to be a heady experience.

2. It is close to Mysore Industrial area and other known destinations in California.

3. It is relatively affordable for the people and the investors.

4. It is just a short drive away from Bangalore International Airport.

5. The rental is not high and the owner will be with you fetching you to take a treat of his own.

6. No 18% tax rate to pay.

Some of the apartments can be rented out for short periods while others would be put up for long term leasing. Along with this, the owner has no problem in giving you a rental hike on a daily basis if the demand is high. He has no problem in assuring you that the food served within the club premises is fresh and hot.

In the near future, the area is to see some brand new properties being laid which would revamp Wainews. The blend of old world charm and world class facility will make the place anote extra desirable for the people and the investors too. Such might be the time to invest!

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