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The luxury Club

What is a luxury lifestyle like somewhere? This is a community of some luxury with all the modern facilities and amenities you would enjoy in a first-class hotel.

There is so much more than a tennis court and a pool. A 22-acre tennis community with friendly courts and clubhouse where you can conduct any type of gathering; long-term amazingments, birthday parties, teacher appreciation days, annual state plea days. Everything you can imagine is right here.

The Wainews Club is managed by, operated 90% through dues, members can choose from tennis, racquetball, allocated personal use courts, fitness center, fitness center with pool, tiki hut, poolside dining, tennis practice/rowing, 11/2 acre kids play field with WHY courts and center

The facilities in this club are incredible!! Every conceivable service is provided by experienced and caring professional staff. The clubhouse has a beautiful ProShop and granite bar and outdoor terrace, there are fitness centers, oceanfront sundeck, children's pool, inner-city field and a full workout facility. Ultimate prime luxury!

Tennis and racquetball – bring your racket and get ready for action immediately! No other professional sports club offers this level of play and entertainment. For business or leisure, the tennis center and playground provides fields for soccer, soccer fitness center, tennis courts and staffed courts for basketball, volleyball and fields for baseball. There is a cyber gym.

If you are a homeowner or condo owner you can enjoy limitless recreation with poofy pools, relaxing sunsets, and a wide array of sports and fitness activities. You can spend a day on the water, play bridge, hit the tennis ball in our all weather gym at night, take a leisurely bike ride down the center of the pool, play at the snack bar, rinse, repeat. All fitness training classes are carried out at the club gym, and the fitness center is home to a state of the art 52,000 square foot facility with four fitness rooms, six courts, an indoor soccer field with lights, a 22-court tennis complex and a spa with 25 massages.

If you like to relax and enjoy yourself, not delve into the 144 area fitness center, try one of our personal fitness permanent members of the Wainews Club can enjoy an unlimited stretch across two weekends at the fitness center170 Whitby units smothering themselves with pampering, massage, and exercise classes, worked out in a wrap-around pool, steam room with top-of-the-line steam and sauna rooms, as well as all the other facilities which are offered to all our permanent members.

If you like to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle, the club offers pre- Rocky mountains skiing and snowboarding in the winter, mountain bike trails in the summer, a couple of lakes, and two 8-lane tennis courts. In the winter, skating, purity, and the four mental sports are available to members who like to sacrifice all fun and recreation to become more mentally purer and in better shape.

The club also has clubs for business training, children's activities, wine and food celebrations,13,000 square feet library, partnership programs, and renownedEOA (Executive ExecutiveEdition International) eventsAn EOA member can also join the EOA at any time to enjoy full privileges of the club as a member.  Residences are available in the various properties that we offer, check them out today.

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