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Cyprus Luxury Condos

Who wouldn't like to live in a Costique classy, elevated, amenity filled condo building that opens up into a tropical paradise, complete with a private beach club, gym, hot tubs, and state of the art fitness club? Wainews Club offers you this Cyprus luxury lifestyle, and is quite literally a one of a kind residence that you won't be disappointed by either your taste or your price!

As far as prime location is concerned, Wainews is certainly not one of those exclusive complexes that are on the market heavily, and Wainews is completely in the right place, literally a strategic killing in the making, so to speak. Imagine owning your own Cyprus luxury condo right on the shore, but with the added bonus of knowing that 20 miles of sandy beaches are just moments away, and the local attractions that all Cyprus is so famed for.

All of this easily makes it not only ideal for families, but luxurious for those of us here at home. With just over 2000 sq.ft. of living space (supposedly), along with 4 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms, 3 living room bedrooms, gym, and SPA, along with a balcony, along with ceilings to 20 feet high, and a beautiful view across to the entire coast, residents of Wainews will have quite the sweeping view, with famous beaches, and quite a relaxed environment to appreciate.

When you visit the condo, all of the extras are included in your price, and Cyprus however is known for the quality of its produce and the wonderful climate, so don't underestimate the quality of life in Cyprus. As for neighbours, residents are kept far apart from the outside world, but are close enough for all the services and facilities you will be searching for.

The beach club, barbecue and communal pool are all included in your programme of activities, and there is a fully fitted laundry to take care of everything you may need. Enjoy the many leisure activities on offer; keep yourself entertained with many sports like swimming, tennis, golf, bowling, biking, snooker and more.

For a sumptuous holiday complete with a honeymoon and a night out on the town, hop on board. Away from home, and just stay.

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