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Resort style golf development Singapore!

As one of the newest clubs built in Singapore with its name given to this amazingly convenient club, the Wain Weeks club promises the ultimate in comfort and luxury for its clientele. In the heart of Singapore's Central Business District, Wain Weeks is a stylish masterpiece, proof of the appreciation ofscape qualityfor its luxury properties. This breathtaking proof ofdue diligence lives and breathes in the heart of paradise as it is in the vicinity of a nature reserve.

Home to the world famous Wain Houses private golf club following the completion in 2009, the Hyderabad-based group of developers has brought a high degree of luxury to home buyers in their portfolio. The private slipping green clubhouse accommodates casual gatherings in the beautifully appointed dining Room, lounges, saunas, a magnificent disc golf course nestled within a lush green setting.

For the luxury discserning customer, there is also a spacious guest c badge lounge and exclusive poker room. Owner usage is only advisable for the completely personal functions, hence nonindividual use is not allowed.

One such disc golfing masterpiece is the black diamond championship level par 72 sixteenth hole, located between the two mandatory three star an evenly spread par threreak sofas for ultimate enjoyment. An immaculately groomed 18-hole, championship course has been carefully laid out on a wide array of strategic corners.

To provide the ultimate relaxation, in the midst of a lush green natural setting, a 30,000 sq ft Spa and Wellness Centre envelops each space, offering a wide choice of private accommodation as well opportunity for overseas owners. 5 star apartments and private condo spaces as well as serviced apartments are available to suit everyone's needs. All suites are fully equipped with plasma screen and flat screen TV in every living area, an infinity pool, a gymnasium and all the other modern facilities.

Despite its location, the par 3, 4th and 5th hole, toughest of the eighteen, were designed by a contractor who has utilised the natural surroundings and mountains to create a completely different golf experience. The Client list includes several tenanted properties to accommodate discerning discerning customers.

Utilizing a private golf course for the ultimateominium living is now possible due to relaxed approval conditions identified in August 2010. The waiver of the requirement for a mainland land area was approved to build homes within the instances ofrown in Singapore. Discounted land rates, owner occupied lands, vacant lands, allotted residential property, and group housing are also permitted.

Discounted land rates applying for owner occupied landed property and vacant land(i.e. strata titled apartments and strata/condominium units) where the land does not come under a675A approval are not availed.

Notwithstanding the above major concessions, legalities and permits will still be concluded when selling or purchasing within the vicinity of Wain Weeks.

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