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Why You Should Travel To Hong Kong For The New Year's Parade

The New Year's parade in Hong Kong is an event not to be missed. The parade is covered in rich spice and is carried out to the sound of the Lion Monument — a symbol of Hong Kong.

The New Year's parade is commonly translated in English as the Silver Pagoda float.

It is definitely a spectacular event to attend. The best time to catch the parade is near the morning of the 31st of December. The lights can be seen stretching up from the lake in New and Old Year's Eve.

The lake is Lake Observatory. It has been a sacred site since the 17th century. Every year around 4 million people visit the lake. On the 31st of December, the lake is full of sparkling lights. The lake is unusual due to the high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This makes the water colorless and it reflects the surrounding bright lights. Hence the name Lake Observatory.

Every year the residents of Hong Kong wear modern clothes and celebrate the New Year in a new and unique way. There are various games and food stalls in the streets to make this special night lively and exciting.

The New Year is very important to the Chinese people. They bring different kinds of presents, flowers and foods for their relatives and friends. Chinese houses are decorated with red paper and flowers while temples honor the New Year with religious activities. The greetings cards are made this way.

There are various traditions followed during the New Year. The most important one is to remember the birth of the New Year and to wish that the fortune would last forever. Chinese people pray to Gods and wish that their families and friends can last forever. They also ask that the New Year can last forever, thus this greeting.

Another important tradition is bringing white decorations and cards. This reminder brings prosperity and good luck for the New Year. Therefore when you are shopping or going to dinner, you should bring decorations and cards that are white to bring prosperity and good luck to others.

The most important family reunion should be held two weeks after the New Year. The New Year is another important occasion for Chinese families. The seating arrangement in the celebration is such that the first row (the first line of folding chairs) is placed in the south. The second row is placed in the north. This is to honor the second person from the family who will be honoured the following year.

The second line is presented in the temple. If you are fortunate enough to be the person from the family honoured this year, then you should be ready to share the title of "One of the Two". You can also be called "One of the Four".

A feast is held on the occasion of the New Year and dinner is served. However, it is illegal for you to touch any animal during this ceremony. The lips must be slightly sealed. Therefore you must provide an alternative method of transportation to be used instead of costly and tiresome zoo animals.

Visitors should be careful to dress simply and smart casual. taboo dress includes costumes, multi-layered jewellery, gold chains, aug wrists and belts.

Chester Zoo is located in the suburbs of Brisbane and is accessible by train, bus and air. A large entrance fee is required for those who wish to visit the zoo.

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