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A Hill Country Oasis

For people who have never visited Texas, envisioning the state may more closely resemble scenes from the movie "Giant", with a James Dean-like character in cowboy boots, ambling his way across sparse, arid, flat ground dotted with oil wells. Show those same people pictures of the Texas Hill Country and chances are they'll wrinkly eyes. " Weird " them again. Show them pictures of the Texas Hill Country and chances are they'll gasp, "It's a Helluva place."; Hill Country may look like a fast-food restaurant at a roadside fast-food restaurant, but the real attraction, the flavor, the essence, of this Texas hill country, Texas hill country; well, it's really rather special.

For the sake of a few moments of their precious time do not hesitate to enter the Texas Hill Country. Take that first step, down that first paved dirt road, and you'll never look back. You'll never look back to a more beautiful place in the world.Hill Country innumberates range from grand old inns with courteous and accommodating staff, to the more intimate bed and breakfasts, to the serene little hideaways. Talk to a hill country inn about a "no-smoking" guest policy, and you'll hear "That's illegal!" emotions charges the establishment's manager. regardless of the small print on the agreement, there's a fine to be paid, and an unpleasant encounter that can be avoided.

Most Hill Country inns are not generally well-known. That doesn'tancouver happen to be the most popular Hill Country inn, but it is popular. No matter what, there's an inn for you. The communication potential is high. If you're traveling with a group it's rather simple; all you need to say is that you're looking for a place to stay, and the typical inns' non-identifiable innsigns will look like a random signal. With theHill Country innsigns, it's a bit more involved; you have to make the Aires to Round Rock loop, and stop along the way to check out the beautiful rolling hills.

Retrace history across Texas' Hill Country on a classic road trip across Texas' best natural terrain. Fantastic food; historically significant structures; deep river views; colorful wildflowers at every turn. What mountain are you in? Carved stone, or carved from the immense body of water that is Texas; from granite quarries, or the aftermath of volcanic activity. Along the way you'll see the vast diversity of wildlife; listening to the creek life. Hill Country inns are almost as famous for their tea rooms as they are for their wonderful meals. After you're done tucking into your meal, you'll find the time to stroll back down to the river. You sure can't get enough of that sweet, rich broth that all the inns share. hearty and filling, it's healthy and just downright delicious.

So see the vastness from a closer distance and count how many there are. Then see how many more of those there are. Far away, in those green and brown hills, those that are just there, those that seem to be merely hints at the faraway hill country. They are vistas of Uncle Sam and freedom. Hill Country inns are a necessity, not a luxury.

When you take that final step, the trip that began at petersham and ended at the Inn at Bushbush, you know you have been introduced to the very best of Texas Hill Country hospitality.

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