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Holiday Travel, What Should You Expect?

Thinking ahead to next summer's holiday season, where will you be taking your family this year? Many of us have classic vacation spots we've always taken. But can you really know what to expect from the place where you travel from? Hampton Roads, a great place to take your family, can show you all there is to the region.

Perhaps you have a favorite destination that you have always taken over the years. Perhaps its a trip you have taken with your parents where you were little kids, a favorite movie you have watched a dozen times or a trip you have taken with your spouse or cousins. Maybe you remember the favorite foods you have eaten or remember the hotel or restaurant where you have always stayed.

Maybe it's the fact that Hampton Roads is one of the closest regional airports to Washington, DC, and there is a private airport within driving distance of many of the nation's most popular tourist destinations. Perhaps it's the fact that so few people have actually heard of Richmond, Virginia. (Although when they hear of Richmond, they mistakenly think of the Olympics fixing.)

No matter what your memories, chances are they do little to nothing to nothing about the area. Here is what you need to know about Virginia Beach.

Beautiful beaches with a resort ambiance abound the region. Not only is Richmond great for the beach experience, but so are the waterways that lead to it. Towhatan, one of the largest in the country, has a tremendous harbor on the James River that has seen ships travel from nearly 200 years ago into the present. Such a location has naturally lush gardens that abound in the area as well as a variety of hotels that would satisfy any budget.

One of the most popular places in Virginia Beach is by the Atlantic Ocean. You can stay in many different areas of the resort and within a short walk of each other. Much like the Atlantic Ocean, the Chesapeake Bay offers plenty of enjoyment when you are visiting the area.

The Miami area is one of Virginia Beach's popular vacation destinations. With twenty miles of beautiful beaches and sophisticated resorts, Miami has everything vacationers look for. The Florida Aquarium, for example, is considered one of the top ten such aquariums in the country and is worth a visit. Plus, for the more sporting types, many of the major sporting events are held in Miami at the end of the summer.

Other popular summer destinations in Virginia Beach are the Chrysler Museum, beginning with the everyman's beach buster known as the beach, and ending with the more elegant Versailles, Beach and chips, which gives a great dining experience in a gorgeous, beachfront resort. Virginia Beach also offers plenty of amusement parks, water parks, and a state of the art golf course, to name a few.

Since so many people choose to travel to Virginia Beach, it is important that you allow plenty of time to get to Virginia Beach from your home. Particularly on the tourist maps, it is best to allow for at least 3 hours to go through Oceanfront, Lighthouse Point, Jamestown, Petersburg, nearby Colonial Beach, and end your weekend with the Verizon fireworks every so often.

Nevertheless, no matter how long it takes, go to Virginia Beach! You'll be absolutely thrilled and amazed by this oceanfront gem.

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