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10 Off Beat & Inexpensive Texas Road Trip Ideas

When out of state tourists think of Texas road trips, only a few hot and creative itineraries come to mind. However, Texas is a great state to experieced all types of vacations. Take an off-the-beaten-path Texas road trip and you will see a side of the state that is not often seen by the visitors.

neon lights and more neon lights don't start with the highway, they continue and continue as you head north and south. Night life can be found in the cities. And, the closer you get to the city, the more unique and surprising attractions and adventures become part of the highway's landscape.

EVERYoutherners have heard the expression "road trip kill." Most die hard road trippers never achieve the goal of visiting all of the Texas attractions listed below. Still, considering yourself a road tripper and planning a Texas road trip is a good way to explore the best of Texas. You can no doubt travel on the highway and run into interesting and marvelous opportunities.

However, in planning a road trip to Texas it's best to consider the off beat and unusual Texas attractions. Since many visitors often plan road trips to experience all that Texas has to offer, I have listed several of the interesting and wonderful Texas attractions just to get you started. The Texas road trip is a great way to explore and really see the variety and beauty of the Texas landscape.

Most visitors to Texas often plan their road trip through the Austin area. However, one can also travel to Falls Church and drive through to Arango for a wonderful dinner at the renowned Cabana Beach on the San Antonio River. Just north of San Antonio, the Texas Hill Country makes an enjoyable stop. The residents of these towns provide typical Southern hospitality and offer picturesque views of the countryside.

If you are traveling through the central or northeast part of the state, be sure to plan a stop through Cottlea or Rockcastle. Cottlea is a very unique town that is set in the lovely North Woods of Bastrop County. The town maintains Bastrop County berries and garden products, yet, through the residents' hard work; these products have become popular all over the world. The creamery in the small town is worth a visit.

If you are traveling the Texas Wine Trail, make sure to spend time in Van horizon. The hill country in Van horizon is beautiful and you will find many wineries waiting to pour you a glass of Texas wine. Just a tip that you can have a tasting and ask the winemaker if you would like more. They have 10 year old vines that produce excellent Sauvignon Blanc.

I have seen a lot of road signs in my travels and ones I haven't seen in quite a while. There are so many great Texas road signs that you can have a fun little journey and find those little gems.

Keep your eyes open, particularly for those "See I'm Getting There" signs. You never know when you may run into something you have never seen before.

So, plan a trip to Bastrop and enjoy everything this area has to offer. Depending on the time of year you travel there, you may run into the Barden brush now filled with bedding- clustered precincts, or you may see the cotton fields and orchards after you have driven through the area. Either way, it will be an experience you will remember and treasure.

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