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Make a 1886 Train Trip:Khoon Khoon Railway

Relaxing on a Mekong River bank, The Khoon Khoon Railway offers the absolute highest elevation in Northern Thailand. Plus, you'll get to see the scenic Vietnam side of the river, as the line winds through remote mountainous regions. Started in 1886, the Khoon Khoon line has now become a popular tourist destination.

Choose from a three hour, narrow gauge steam train ride, a six hour, narrow gauge steam train ride, and a ten hour, narrow gauge steam train trip. Steam train trips give you the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery of Northern Thailand's Mekong River, as well as the impressive Thai mountains and the limestone outcroppings that make up the west of the country.

The Khoon Khoon Railway line was originally built to improve access to the area, known for its natural abundance of coal. The line initially only went as far as Sa Nang, however it was later extended to Ha Khai, Khan You Thong, and Kha Ngo. These lines became functional in 1886.

Located in the rainy zone of Northern Thailand, the Khoon Khoon Railway line passes through several scenic mountain ranges. Not only is Khan-You-Thong the highest station, it's also the most popular. The three hour journey allows you to see the beautiful scenery of snowy peaks, lush tea estates and nearby caves.

Aside from the tea estates, a bus or tuk tuk ride will take you to the nearby archaeological sites. The notable archeological monuments are the Pha Khun Khrei temple, the Tam Khun O gold mine, the Ma Loa temple, as well as the ruins of the French administered coastal camp of Pom- Pom.

Steam train trips on the Khoon Khoon line allow you to see the beautiful sights of mountainous terrain, tea estates and the shadow of Pu Luong waterfall. You can see the rushing and gushing white waters from the limestone cliffs, and the surrounding green forests composed of pine, abalone and frog plants.

A seven hour journey takes you to Loi Krat Khrei, the third point of the Khoon Khoon railway line. The trip takes you through mountainous terrain, with the opportunity to trek to a scenic waterfall, and there is also a chance to see wild monkeys in the dense forests.

The Khoon Khoon railway line runs from Loi Kieu in Chiayah Karua to Mui Neung in Wa Chu. Each carriage has its own independent bedrooms equipped with its own cabin table, refrigerator, wardrobe, microwave, and television.

The warm desert climate will make your journey through the Khoon Khoon an unforgettable experience. The wait at the Laem Chabu station can be quite long, but once you're there the scenery is sensational. A tour of the Laem Chabu imperial palace and the mysterious stone monument will have the Khoon Khoon Railway line running between Erawan to Wat That.

During the evening, the Khoon Khoon Express runs a once-a-day service linking Bangkok and Surat Thani. The train stops at an interesting place at Khao San, the home town of Surat Thani, before heading back to Bangkok.

If you decide to take the Laem Chabu to Surat Thani, you will be able to explore the city. As the bus from Surat Thani arrives for the final time, you will no doubt take the time to explore this incredible city. As it is, guest were able to ride on the back of the antique town's dragon waiting for it to descend from the clouds!

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