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Sydney, Australia – A City of Character

Sydney is a city full of character, an eclectic mix of exotic and refined cultures. The population of Sydney is approximately 4 million people. It is on the New South Wales coastline in Australia's mid north coast just about at the tip of Australia. The main population of Sydney is well over 5 million people so depending on where you are coming from it could be in the inner suburbs or the inner city.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and one of the largest in the world. It is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and separated by the Blue Mountains on the other side. Due to the protection of the reef the whole city is divided in half by the water. The name of the city comes from the Greek, unsyn cliché, meaning should I say more?

Once you have arrived in Sydney the best way to get around is to find a ferry. If this is not your first visit it will be hard to understand how Ferry passengers can be located in the city. From Macclesfield you need to catch a ferry to Manly on the North side of the harbour to the Rocks on the South. From there you have numerous options to choose from.

Most passengers use the Monorail and Templebroad Bay Ferry to get into the city. These services visit all terminals of Sydney Harbouraut and reapply to the respective bus station in the North as well as the South. If you arrive at Little Harbour you are on the right bus and if you arrive at Pool several companies have multiple bays on the right bus. The Blue Whale ferry is famous because in 1986 they sank countless lives with the slowly leaking antiquated diesel engine.

Sydney has multiple bus companies with a wide network of stops. Almost all bus stops accommodate a double decker coach, with the option of being seated or not. So if you want to take the time to settle in Sydney you can do so without ¥urance. Single decker buses can also be taken but scooters and wheelchair bound ones are not advisable.

If you need to change a few buses watch out for the 'Tgl' (SydneyGraduated link) as it is called in the bus guide. If you need to catch a bus to Epping it's the top of the line company. They have the best reputation so far. Check where you're going from as they are pretty far away in comparison to Epping in the City.

If you want to experience being taken for a ride visit the Lost Bus Store in Sydney. You will find a bus store in every major Australian centre. The buses are a very comfortable way to see the sights and travel short distances within the city. Almost all stops have toilets so there's no excuse. They are also a great way to travel to darker side of Sydney to enjoy the more 'offbeat' shops and hidden cafés.

Visit the Sydney site to find Great packages for your travel to and from Sydney, or the Sydney guide to find info on activities and accommodation. Don't forget to get an audio book when you visit the Sydney site, it's the best way to plan your journey.

If you are planning your honeymoon in 2013, you couldn't have picked a better destination. For all intents and purposes Sydney is home to the best of Australia's tourist spots. Your holiday will be better than ever if you visit the exceedingly beautiful city of Sydney. You will get to see the sights and relax on the golden sandy beaches. All because of Sydney.

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