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A Memorable Holiday in Italy


Italy, the "Land of the Renaissance," is a picturesque country situated in the Western part of the European continent, with a fascinating history and an abundance of art, culture, and cuisine. Italy was once the dominant European power during the Middle Ages, and ensuing Renaissance. In the late Renaissance, Italy achieved a high status in the world of arts, literature, architecture, science, and technology, and much of this influence remains in the modern day. The country is bordered by France in the south and Monaco, France, and Switzerland in the north. The history of Italy is closely associated with the Italian Renaissance, and much of the historical process that led to this time frame also remains in the country today.

Italy Today

Today, Italy competes as a leading power in the European Union. The country gives every indication of being on the cusp of a long period of economic growth and is considered a leader in technology. Tourism is also a major component of Italy's economy, and in addition draws many foreign visitors to Florence, Rome, Milan, and Venice. These visitors often book a stay in first class hotels.

The restaurants in Italy are comparable to the best in the world, and there are few places in the world where you can view the Etruscan tombs and the remaining ruins of the ancient Romans cities lit up by candlelight. The museums in Italy also have excellent collections of art, artifacts, and antiques that paint the history and influence of the country.


Each region in Italy offers a unique experience. The stylish fashion in Florence is complemented by the classical essence of the Colosseum, but on a much more intimate level the small city of Siena offers the world's first alternate history museum, where the ancient city of Pompeii is preserved in its original state. The influence of the nearby volcano, Arenal, as well as the cultural Chelazzo and Arezzo is evident throughout the country's architecture, and the food is some of the best in Italy.


The "beauty island" of Capri is a breathtaking introduction to Italy. Instances of apparent pollution,Student programmes and many outdoor sports make the area a pleasant destination for families and groups of friends. The Duomo di Santa Croce is probably the best landmark of the area, but the nearby coast is full of charming beaches, restaurants and bustling town centres.

The nature of Italy is reflected in the food, wine and culture. The exquisite Florentine cuisine and perhaps the best beach in Italy, La Sporobbloche, boast lush landscapes of vineyards, olive groves, lemon groves and olive trees ingrained with mosaics.


In Gradoia, young travellers will stay in three-star hotels, along with two-star accommodation. Those looking for a hotel in a more central location, however, should enjoy boutique hotels in Pollara which often have their own outdoor eating and drinking spaces.

Spa therapy is also a must. Spend a day unwinding at the Aquari Spa and prepare yourself to the 'neuromancy' of the day's weather. A visit to the genius centre is also worth including in your itinerary.

Wherever your trip, you’ll find that inspiration can arrive in one of many ways. An unmonsomical trip to this magical country will take you on a journey of discovery of a simultaneously enjoyable and educational nature.

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