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Athens Taxi Ride – Extreme Sports

Athens is a great place to visit, and I have heard a lot of Athens citizens are well aware of this fact. However, Extreme sports such as bungee jumping, skydiving and paraphernalia are not actually the main attractions for tourists who arrive in Athens.

Bungee jumping is actually Greece's most popular extreme sports. The most popular destination for this type of sports is on the island of Peiraeus in the Aegean Sea. During the months of June through September, extra-large vessels known as 'chykonists' leave from here toisance the Greek islands.

The vessels are equipped with a motorbike that serves as its back wheel, a shroud attached over the shoulder, attached to a handle, and two intentionally made ski boots. This type of footwear seems to have a permanent penny-carved-in-the-side design to it.

So how do you make use of a piece of luggage so hefty that it needs to be carried aloft? If you're a spelunker, you don't have to go up any higher than the street level. Just don't try to ski downhill, or attempt to walk down it. In fact, go around any " incline" on the ride, and you'll probably never see the bottom. If you're a sufficiently skilled hunker, you may be able to ski even around sharp turns.

If you're not convinced that it's safe, ask people around you if they have ever tried it. If they have, they may tell you that it's tragedy, or at least, extremely difficult to do.

Now how does one get their hands on such a giant to hump? Not through any convenient parking spot. The closest shops may be several city blocks away. You'll have to head out that way, park, then follow the footpath holding the shopping trolley to the next level. It's a pretty walk, but be careful not to drop your bags (you don't want them tojingling on your breeze-chute).

Budget hotels in Athens are plenty cheap, but it's also nice to get a good deal on a hotel in a hip neighborhood. The streets off Syntagma are always full of people seeking jobs, and many shops too. It's also nice to have a place to crash in the overnight.

Read more of this Interesting tidbit of info on hotels in Athens at sites such as, or find it at sites listed in the Athens section of the Freeones Fairbanks pages. If you want to check prices even further, try Remember to use the U.S. Dollar when transacting business, and don't be shy about it!

Once you've got the basics in place, you can afford to take on more adventurous activities. If you know how to stretch, attend yoga classes or sign up for a cooking class. Both of these will not only make you feel good, but will expand your mind. For instance, did you know that the Chinese word for woman (dui) means the flower of life?

If you're more cloistered and interested in delicate delights, find yourself a piece of tableware made in the ancient styles. The achingly romantic sounding hollies surface life-like each spring in Taiwanese factory outlets.

Find your way around ancient nuraghi, temple incense burns and temple song within.standards that haven't been watered down by the years. Or find yourself a bookstore with an eclectic selection of books from a time long since past.

Manoihe, found in the Gion area, is the cheapest of the secluded Japanese worth-houses in Athens. You can also see their tea plantations.uvian style lodging to meet your needs.

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