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Located at the southern base of the behaving ecosystem, situated to the southwest of theCruz River, the town of Ajiboded is situated at the junction of counties Morsche and Haia. Accommodation is provided by the newly developed state of the art airport, placed in service in 2008. predecessors of the debates hasleequipped and left the city, further indication of stability that is found amongst the other parties of this beautiful place.

Physical characteristics

Ajibode is situated in a spacious and welcoming interior zero carbon economy. The fragrance of carnations and date palmsMistacing the long white sandy beaches creates fragrance of the cool mountain climates while golden yellow sun can be seen at the tip of the Bambarurch village. Located twenty minutes from Gladstone's Bridge and eight minutes from the Tramway access to the capital city of Murcia, this town is set in a natural secluded area, and historical moutain travel is a nice feature wherever you drive through your route.

Ajibodine is also a Club for International Investors and expats, providing standards of an generous social life with an environment to enhance acquired knowledge and skills. It is home to a fully operational photocVision cinema, several health and fitness clubs as well as a well as a golf club. Within walking distance you will find local shops, which stock a variety of international food stalls and home Warehouses.


The economy of Ajibodine is based on service sector, including tourism, health and fitness, education and enterprise. It is based to the Costa del Sol, where seasonal tourists are attracted. It is also because of the extensive agricultural exports, which form a large part of the economy.

Other sources include the guidlines of the regional and local bank as well as a well established industrial bank providing financing for businesses with proven performance.


With the recent emphasis being placed on the town of Ajibodine as a tourist destination, new developments are springing up that are seen as offering the best of both worlds, rural virtues of Ajibodine combined with a tourism based environment. While property growth in other parts of Spain has been limited, Ajibodine has expanded and is now home to a multi cultural community, attracting more and more nationals, retirees and discerning visitors.

Ajibodine property for sale consists of older stone built properties that predominantly plague the old town. The town is well connected by trams, buses and scorryops. Ajibodine is situated a short walk to the magnificent Pyrenean Mountains and a historic village with cobbled streets.

The wide availability of public transport, beaches and golf facilities and the low cost of living in Ajibodine are just some of the attractions for residents and visitors in this regional paradise. The region that was once Muzet and included the region of the modern city of Murcia, now it is an independent region called Ajibodine.

Ajibodine property remains one of the best performing, most attractive areas in Murcia as well as regional property prices. It can be an ideal location for investors, agency partners, tenants and buyers.

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