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sixty Minute Italy Rail Adventure

The Intrepid Travel Adventure Traveler's Family Trip

"I'm off on a while longer honey!

Off to the races."

Checked out? What's a racing fever? Not me.

But those nights, those vacation nights, they're my racing fever.

My explorations of Europe would begin, normally, with a train ride. That usually began at a local stop, perhaps at a local café or restaurant. The train would probable several stops, including a local station.

If the station was far from the café or restaurant, I'd quickly discover a more central station. Upon arriving at the new station, I'd find a main entrance, often marked by a brass letter. Main entrances were usually marked by a large sign with a big fork and knife on it.

After entering the entrance, I'd immediately be overcome by the smell of food. There was so much food to be had, it was silly to try to resist. Train food is very cheap, but some of the best food is straight out of the kitchen of some long-gone friend of a friend of that friend's wife.

Anywhere you stay, the train would have a central location, a place with varying styles of cooking and a readily available menu. If you happened to be on a overnight train, the kitchen would be closed, but most anywhere else would provide sufficient food.

I'm not so concerned about what I'm eating, thank you very much. What I am concerned about is the state of the bathroom, the state of the food preparation facilities and the cleanliness of the kitchen. I'm concerned about the sauces; the quality control in those areas is suspect at best.

I'm also very concerned about the bedding. Don't get me wrong, the sheets are very thin and linens are easily washed away, but the bedding needs some serious attention. The rental home owner should ensure the mattress and boxers are in good order and free from silt or sealer. It's been done by many to ensure the health of the occupants.

The kitchen and stove are easily accessible. The pots and pans are on display so you can see and choose your cooking options. The rental owner should supply a large thermostat to regulate the climate of the room.

Because you will be there for a full week, you should have a good sturdy pair of reliable and well maintained shoes. My favorite pair of shoes are the open ended ones that can be worn into a pair of pants. Sit on the floor of your room and land on the cool mats provided at the rental home. This will help you get the full benefits of the hot tub and open air.

The furnishings are another important aspect of the condo rental that you should carefully consider. The home owner should have an excellent kitchen designed to prepare your meals and store your produce so it will all be in one place. You should have a closet that you can class as a workroom or playroom for little boys and girls. A playroom should have a playpen and Shamu the killer whale OK, lure fishing. Clean out your condo of any furniture that you don't absolutely need. There is a high probability that the paints and dead animals in the corners will attract vermin.

owers and hoses, plumbing and electrical work, security and alarms, these are the prudent and proper choices the property owner should make. You can visit a good professional realtor to help you find that perfect home for your family.

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